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Párolla integrates with Xero on two levels, configuration and operation.

Configuration mappings are shown below in green. Your Párolla Employees and Recipients are mapped to Xero contacts. Regions and Departments are mapped to Xero as Tracking Categories. The Párolla Chart of Accounts and be mapped with their equivalent payroll related Accounts in Xero. VAT rates are mapped with sales taxes for the purposes of tracking employee expense taxes.

Parolla xero link chart

On an operational basis, Párolla will create bills or manual journals for each pay run that you process and synchronise with Xero.

Currently the operational processed are one-way only. When you synchronise a pay run Párolla will create transactions in Xero.

However, if you reverse the pay run in Párolla, the transactions will still exist in Xero. Similarly, if you void or pay a transaction in Xero it will be unchanged in Párolla. We are working on creating deeper relationships between transactions with the introduction of Xero web-hooks.